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Rapid city growth can be scary…especially when you like your home just how it is. But change can be good when everyone’s voice is heard!

Join two Fayetteville, Arkansas residents for interviews with local city planners, change makers, and everyday citizens. On the FayetteForward podcast, we discuss active transportation, trails, transit, city planning, affordable housing, and more—with the goal of sharing actionable ways to move Fayetteville forward in an inclusive way.

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Some specific topics we are interested in:

  • Personal stories of meaningful neighborhood transformation as Fayetteville grows
  • Permitting and zoning as it pertains to trail-oriented businesses
  • Innovative development
  • Personal experiences starting/running a trail-oriented business or using the trails as a citizen
  • Maintaining and expanding access to nature via trails (or in the context of new development)
  • Smart growth via trail or non-car infrastructure
  • Modes of transportation other than cars (micromobility, bikes, e-bikes, buses/trolleys/trains, etc.)
  • Accessibility and inclusivity across Fayetteville
  • Affordable housing and transportation options
  • The history of Fayetteville as it pertains to trails, transit, or city planning
  • Innovative efforts like the 71B Corridor Plan, City Plan 2040, or The Ramble
  • Any other new ideas in this space!

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